"Millennials Drowning in Student Loans Play Key Election Role"

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    That's the take-home.

    As for opinion:

    Apart from seeing people in their mid-50s in college, so the ageist pap about "millennials" should be thrown out in favor of the college paradigm (from cost to job qualifications and regardless of age group since all groups are affected) as a whole.

    Yet standard free market laws such as "supply and demand" are ignored? Pretty much all jobs require an associate's degree or higher, often with field experience (for some, more than what's even realistically available when everyone demands the same credentials). But if all jobs require college when they didn't in the past, the value of college goes up. Value affects supply. Supply cost goes up as a result. Over 1120% since 1978. Especially when there is no competition that everyone also hypes is good. As a result, students have suffered and did nothing wrong. Companies pointing out Americans aren't educated to their expectations could also hire and build up, but that aside their points are not invalid. Banks, since private and public hold loans, also get screwed over in the short- and long-term. Taxpayers too suffer. As does government since no jobs = no tax to pay for everything, including corporate welfare and other corporate entitlements.

    That's mere partisan baiting on the article's part, but Obama arguably could have done more to do what the free market chose not to do? He did stress the reality of needing people to go back to college, though the great recession had already prompted the issue (ex1, ex2, etc). The government did do studies earlier this decade and found a lot of problems, wasn't it governor Tom Harkin who did the study in the early half of this decade? What's happened since? I've not looked anything up. This could be an October Surprise that either candidate could use.

    There's a lot to read, so I'll focus on a couple of small excerpts but I'd recommend reading both articles in their entirety.

    Excerpt from ex1:

    Excerpt from ex2:
    Does it matter how Obama's speeches in 2006 and 2008 came to be? Probably not. American companies set up other countries (e.g. giving away source code to them, etc) have helped a lot of people but Americans have been hurt a little too much on all sides. America feels left out of this "globalization" process. Which has a lot of value in some ways, but has led to a lot of undeserved pain on America as well.
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    "What has fueled this hyper-inflationary spiral and its consequences is a lending system that is not constrained by standard free-market protections like bankruptcy rights, statutes of limitations, and other bedrock protections that exist for every other type of loan."

    Also known as.....government

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