iPad mini Mini 5 Keyboard cases with Nordic keys?


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Jan 12, 2018
Are there any keyboard cases for Ipad Mini 5 that has Nordic keys? We have customers in some large environments where running around with normal ipad models does not work, and the iphones are too small for some of their use cases. Trying to keep them within the Apple sphere, but it is kind of hard given the alternatives available.


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May 4, 2019
Stockholm, Sweden
I haven't seen any keyboard cases specifically for the mini 5. However the ones for mini 4 should work just fine if you don't need the rear microphone (as the cases intended for mini 4 unfortunately will cover it). I know Zagg and Logitech made a few different models, with Nordic key layouts.

I do a lot of running around at work only carrying my iPad mini 5 and actually don't miss a physical keyboard. I think in portrait mode the on screen keyboard is very comfortable to type on. But the experience is of course always different for everyone. :)