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MP 1,1-5,1 mini 6-pin AUX to SATA power?


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Feb 8, 2018
I would like to know if it is possible to use one of the spare mini 6-pin AUX connectors to power SATA HDDs? I have exhausted the remaining on-board internal power options, and was hoping to be able to use a mini 6-pin to 15-pin SATA cable (or any other type of cable that I could eventually use to drive power to a molex connector) to provide additional internal power for more SSDs.

I am already using all four internal HDD drive bays, and the two ODD bays are occupied by two SSDs (taking up very little space obviously). I have a couple of quad bay SSD carriers that I'd to install in the ODD bay area as well. These will be driven by a 8-port Highpoint SATA RAID PCIe board, but I am lacking on how to power them. The quad carrier uses a standard 4-pin molex connector as its power connection FYI.

I bought a couple of mini 6-pin to SATA cables intended for Dell desktops on Amazon, and then a few short SATA to molex cables), but nothing worked. Both of the mini 6-pin to SATA cables have only 5 of the 6 pins actually connected (which I knew before purchasing but figured it was worth a shot given free returns), but I was still hopeful nonetheless. When I plug these into the cMP motherboard, the Mac Pro refuses to boot (short attempt to do so, then nothing). Removing the cable, and things are back to normal.

So I am looking for other options to power these drives internally. I already have an external PSU that would work as a last resort, but I am hoping that there would be some other way to tap into that unused AUX port.

Other specs of my system are:
  • Single Xeon x5650
  • 32GB ECC RAM
  • AMD Radeon RX 570 4GB OC (using a single mini 6-pin to 8-pin to power; I also have a RX 470 that could be used if that would help lessen power draw – I don't use this machine for much beyond file serving so GPU isn't that important)
  • As of right now, the GPU is all that is installed PCIe-wise; however, I have at least three other PCIe boards that I've earmarked for the system, so a PCIe SSD carrier board would not be an ideal solution
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