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    hi guys i have a friend who has a sony mhc-dx3 hifi system. it has 2 speakers, but he wants to add 4 more, and maybe a sub, he wants to add the cambridge soundworks 2000 sattelites that he used to connect to his pc, which is now dead. could any one suggest a solution; with in a 200 dollar us range, like a receiver or amp that would accomadate the 2 orig speakers, 4 satellites, a sub, and have inputs for his mac.
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    Dec 7, 2003
    Bear in mind that there´s a few things to take into account using amplifiers on satelite speaker.

    A satelite is made for reproducing a frequency range that is shorter than normal speakers. I.e. it starts much higher than the normal speaker, and the sub takes care of the lower frequencies. This means that if you feed it with the wrong signal you may get one of three results depending on the actual satelite;

    1. Distorted sound. The pieces on the satelite doesn´t like being fed low frequencies, and distorts the sound.

    2. Burned amp. This happens only in extreme situations, but I´ve seen it happen... The pieces on the satelite gives in on the low frequencies, making the speaker lose its impedance drastically.

    3. Nothing. There are satelites that have their own passover filter installed. These speakers filter out the frequencies themselves, and this is the kind you´d want.

    Apart from that, I´d say that any lowend HiFi reciever would do for this use. Just stay away from racks, and use an amp that is rated for the speakers he´s gonna use. (Check impedance and wattage.)


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