'Mirrored Drive' Power Mac G4 Firmware Update available


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May 24, 2002
'Toba, Canada
If you have a Power Mac G4 purchased since August, you may want to check Mac OS X's Software Update system preference pane, or the Software Update control panel in Mac OS 9. A new firmware update, version 4.4.8, is ready for download.

According to Apple, the new firmware update introduces improved fan speed behavior. It also reduces high speed fan cycling when users run in Mac OS 9.

The update is only applicable to Power Mac G4s with "mirrored" drive doors. Such systems have only been in production since this past August.

No further details were available from Apple as MacCentral posted this article; at that time, the update was only available through Software Update.



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Jul 17, 2002
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To be honest, it really isn't THAT bad. I set it on the floor when I first got it, and thankfully I didn't get one of those whiney powermacs that I have been hearing about now and then. Its just a constant low hum that reminds me of my old powermac 7500, but most of the time I'm playing games or listening to iTunes otherwise, thus it drowns out the humming. Plus the JBL creature speakers are so rich my focus is instantly diverted to them.