Mississippi's last abortion provider being TRAPped

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    Due to ridiculous TRAP laws (targeted regulation of abortion providers) including nurse to patient ratio requirements, hallway width requirements, etc. etc. that ONLY apply to abortion providers, Mississippi is down to a single clinic that treast some 3000 women annually.

    A new law requires that providers have some certification as an "ambulatory surgical center" to be allowed to perform abortions after the first trimester....and the clinic apparently didn't at first qualify to get the certification, though they have been since made eligible and are trying to meet the requirements.

    So, all MS women who want an abortion have to travel to Jackson, which may be hours away, and they might have to do it before 13 weeks (few women even know about a pregnancy until 4-6 weeks).

    I find this outrageous and unethical, but don't know what can be done.

    This is a toughy. They are basically denying medical care through building codes. They can't make abortion illegal outright due to Roe v. Wade, so they are using these idiotic codes and regulations to force them all out of business.
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    Well the Supremes have ruled in the past that zoning laws can't be used to drive porn shops out of town. Zoning rules can be used to restrict their placement, but cannot be deliberately made so broad that the effect is to drive the business out of town -- for example saying no porn shops within a 100 mile radius of a church or school.

    So I'd say this falls under the same legal test -- ie. are the laws designed to preclude abortion providers from town or not?

    However, this would fall right into what Alito has written as the way to undermine Roe, and since he's likely to be on the SCOTUS pretty soon all bets WRT abortion are off.

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