MixPrintPaint - Create your own coloring book on the iPad and paint it on paper

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    Jun 3, 2013
    Hi there!

    My name is Rafael. Me and 2 other friends launched our first app: MixPrintPaint

    MixPrintPaint is an iPad-only app that allow children and parents to create together their own coloring book with ease. See our video at http://youtu.be/ESiaZNcGFZg.

    Instead of giving children a composite scene, MixPrintPaint will stimulate their creativity and coordination allowing them to create their own scenes as easy as drag, drop and move more than 60 amazing characters and items (line-art), on 10 beautiful backgrounds with a lot of freedom. Initially there are 3 themes (Under the Sea, Princesses & Knights, and Frames).

    Different of other apps that try to maintain the kids in the virtual world, MixPrintPaint opted to make them paint their scenes in real world after printing (the whole scene or their items separated) directly through AirPrint, or indirectly saving on the Camera Roll or sending an e-mail with a PDF attached.

    Released on May, 10th 2013, it’s available now on the App Store for US$ 0,99.

    Our main links:
    AppStore: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id642670814?l=en&mt=8
    MixPrintPaint Hotsite: http://mixprintpaint.felloway.com

    We really hope you enjoy and are eager to receive your feedback.


    Twitter: @rafaelmbr

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