mojave 10.14.5 evga 680 no acceleration!

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  1. reatis, Jun 5, 2019
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    reatis macrumors newbie

    Jun 5, 2019
    Hi guys!
    I hope this is the right forum since i'm a newbie and this is my first post.
    So, i've got a Mac Pro 3.1 2x2,8GHzQuad Core and 52 Gb of ram, with an APFS ssd as a start up disc.I installed High Sierra via the Dosdude patcher(thanks dos dude!). At that time my GPU was ATI Radeon 5770 and everything run smoothly. Then, i decided to upgrade to Mojave 10.14.5 so i purchased a flashed evga 680 2gb from e bay.I installed the card before i upgraded and with High Sierra on i had some weird graphic anomalies, like for example glitches in You Tube full screen. Also in System report nothing indicated that my card supports metal.Then i upgraded to Mojave, and when i used the post install tool (without selecting legacy video patch since 680 supports metal) nothing happened! After many efforts i gave it one more try, this time by selecting the legacy video patch and the computer booted normally.But i have no acceleration! I do have the Apple logo and all the booting options, and the funny thing is that i don't get this <<greyish>>frame on menu bar.imovie does not play at all, and photos app is a mess! I need the metal acceleration desperately cause i'm working with Logic X and video.Any help is appreciated!
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    You'd probably get better responses in the Mac Pro forum vs mojave.
    But it *should* work.
    The 680 does support metal (even the 650 I have supports metal).

    I don't know offhand what the legacy video patch does but i'd guess it is using older versions of nvidia kexts / or other graphics drivers.

    I'm in the middle of updating that machine to 10.14.5 right now from 10.14.0 so I can't check just yet for how iMovie / Photos is behaving. But I'm pretty sure they were fine in 10.14.

    I was never able to get dosdude's patcher to work for my machine and ended up doing it all manually. (no_compat_check, remove telemetry plugin I believe was all that was needed for it to work as i have modded bootrom for native APFS booting)

    See shows metal here

    Screen Shot 2019-06-07 at 1.56.48 PM.jpg
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    Jun 5, 2019
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    Hi,Ludacrisvp and thank you so much for your fast response!
    You are right.The 680 finally supported metal. It didn't work before cause my monitor is an old one supporting VGA.It was connected to the computer using a VGA to DVI adaptor and it worked with all the previous OS fine, but apparently not with a GPU that supports metal! After two weeks of trying hard it occurred to me to check this possibility as well.So i got a VGA to HDMI adaptor and that did the trick!Of course i don't have that good resolution, i tasted a friend's monitor connecting it dircectly via display port and the difference is day and night!
    I read somewhere that Apple has dropped support on VGA since El Capitan, but i don't know if that's true...
    Any way i have now Mojave nicely installed on my Mac and i can go on with my work. Thank you again very much for your message!
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    Oct 23, 2018
    Yea, at the risk of sounding snippy, I would definitely ditch the vga monitor. It’s 2019 after all;)

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