Mojave 'dark mode' UI looks cheap and nasty


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Mar 21, 2015
Not pleased with the 'dark mode' UI at all. Very cheap looking. I was expecting a flat, iOS style interface that better merged the two operating systems.

Instead, we get a sloppy inversion of 'light mode', with no design tweaks at all.

All of the dated features of 'light mode' - the grads, the button effects, the borders, the bevels, the garish app icons etc - are only accentuated with 'dark mode'.

Even the tab icons in safari look atrocious now because they aren't in SVG most of the time.

Even worse, switching back to 'light mode' after a spell in 'dark mode' makes 'light mode' look cheap as well.

Apple seriously have to update their UI design because it isn't even stagnant anymore. It's actually going backwards.


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weup togo

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May 6, 2016
I agree, it is painful to look at and more difficult to use. And I've been using a variety of darker UIs since the Kaleidoscope days on Mac OS 8. Either Dark Mode was an afterthought that didn't get much attention, or the people who worked on it simply have no business designing UIs. Pretty sad really.
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