Mona - fresh women's calendar for iPhones with notifications and reminders. FREE.

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    Mona - free women's calendar for iPhone.

    I think that every woman is familiar with the situation when she completely forget about forthcoming next period, so it turns out that she is at work or trip without any sanitary stuff. Also you can easily forget to take your everyday pill.
    This application is very helpful for these situations,
    ladies can stop worrying about next period her medications or fertile days start.

    Mona - is a women calendar for iphone devices,

    allows to predict periods, to calculate menstrual cycles and period delays, to estimate ovulation date and days good for conception, to mark conception date and to perform term calculations with showing expected due date on the calendar.

    Also lets user to get notifications about beginning of period, to receive daily medication alerts for contraceptives that need to be taken at strictly defined daytime.

    The application supports 3 basic interface colors: Green, Blue and of course Pink.

    There is not much options for the day on main dialog window, but adding new info for each day is very simple and dialog doesn't have any unnecessary controls.

    The application lets easily add information about any period day with flow level, also you can mark only the first and last day of your menstruation.
    It detects fertile period as 6 days prior to ovulation, and 1 day after. You can set up ovulation day manually.

    It predicts your periods for the next months, this feature is very helpful when you have future plans, trip or vacations.

    It allows to mark conception date, performs term calculations and predicts expected due date.
    Also you can then add actual due date.

    General difference of this application from others is that you have ability to receive local notifications of your forthcoming next period or the first day of your period, fertile days, ovulation day,
    and special features - medication and next doctor's appointment reminders.
    You can activate only those notifications that you need and set up appropriate time for every message separately.

    The application lets observing of menstruation variety with displaying monthly graphics, and counts average and extremum period characteristics.

    You can easily work with the calendar and graphics in landscape mode.

    It has password protection and abstract name, so you personal information will be inaccessible for others.

    # Category: Healthcare & Fitness
    # Released: Dec 21, 2010
    # Updated: Jan 19, 2011
    # Version: 1.1
    # Size: 1.6 MB
    # Language: English
    # App Download URL:
    # iTunes Link: itms://
    # Price: FREE
    # information site with user manual:
    # support:

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    Thanks but I'll stick to watching out for PMS. All the calendar I need.
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    Does it have social networking integration? Just wondering.
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    Aunt Flo made a short visit this month.

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    Yes, it has Tweet: View

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