iPhone Monetal. The Expense tracker I develop 6 years.

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    Monetal - The Expense Tracker. Offering a clean and intuitive interface, the application makes it super easy and fun for you to track expenses.

    Monetal allows you to create several accounts for cash, credit cards, electronic money, and then log income and expenses for each account via plus and minus icons on the main screen. The process is very fast. When you’re about to pay for gasoline, for example, quickly open Monetal on the phone, click minus, type in the amount, select a tag from the list of commonly used categories, and you’ll be done before you get your change back.

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    Why Monetal?

    • Instant loading
    • Add transaction with 3 clicks
    • Considers the costs and revenues
    • Debts and loans
    • Detailed payment history
    • Sync between devices
    • It's charged with positive energy
    • Attracts wealth
    • No ads. Absolutely!
    Monetal supports three main platforms, takes 25Mb, free from ads and doesn't required any account or registration. It works fine in offline mode and contains all your data, which will be about 500Kb for 5 years. Thought-out to the smallest detail and having settings for every occasion, Monetal is ready to become your reliable assistant.

    From author
    "Hello, my name is Ilya, I'm developer of Monetal. Since I have got my first Lumia from Nokia in 2012, I was looking for a good finance manager. Monetal is my vision of the personal finance application. It uses "tap-tap-tap" technology, which provide very fast way to add new transactions. I am using it almost 6 years and now it contains about 9500+ my transactions. I hope that you will like it."

    Please feel free to ask any questions or suggest improvements in this thread. Thank you.

    How to do a transfer between accounts?
    Transfer transaction could be done like any other transaction. After entering amount click button in the bottom menu and switch to transfer tags. Choose account and here you are.
    How to add comment or note to transaction?
    Hold the tag while create a transaction and enter note. You can also hold an existing transaction, and choose Add note in the context menu.
    How can I open year report?
    Open Expenses tab which contains current moth report. Use left arrow in the bottom to switch month, use right arrow to see Year and Total reports. Tap month panel at top to open calendar view.
    App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/monetal/id1302304930
    Documentation: https://mymonetal.com/help_en.php
    Home page: www.myMonetal.com
    Support: support@mymonetal.com
    Author: Ilya Krupko
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    Hello, new version 1.12 is coming and already available in testFlight channel. I changed dark theme and also fixed several disappointing bugs. Enjoy!
    ps. If you like to join beta testers just pm me your email and i will add you to beta testers. Thank you.

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