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    After almost 6 months of work we are releasing MonSense today. Please take a look. And its on discount for the first week! 50% off!
    MonSense is an amazing new app for managing all your finances. It’s packed with advanced features never before seen on the App Store. It features a clean and simple UI that is very easy to understand, and customize. With unique features like Accounts, Quick Expenses, Pending Payments, Export, and many more, this is one of the most comprehensive personal finance apps on the App Store.

    MonSense is perfect for maintaing your personal and/or business transactions. Travellers can create separate ACCOUNTS for all their varied travels. Features like QUICK EXPENSE help you to enter your frequent expenses with just a single click by allowing you to create templates. PENDING PAYMENTS can be used to keep a track of all your future payments, and incomes. Ever needed to create excel reports of all your transactions? Our EXPORT feature can do this, and more.

    Link to the App Store -

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    Would love to get feedback as well. Thanks!
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