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    Four teenagers charged with allowing a friend to kill herself behind the wheel. The driver is reported to have had a BAC of 13 times the legal limit (she was probably underage, so the limit would be .02, the lowest testable – even so, .26 is way far gone for most people).

    The underlying question is whether you have a reasonable responsibility to prevent someone from driving away 3-sheets-to-the-wind. If they make it home, no one will be the wiser, of course, but if they do not, should you be on the hook for you tacit approval?

    What is our responsibility for our friends' safety? Should we be tasked with watching out for each other, or should freedom be the ruling principle? (Note that I do not suggest that one might be expected to stop a stranger or a linebacker, "reasonable responsibility" would preclude hazard to oneself.)
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    You can't stop someone from driving drunk. They have to not want to or be persuaded, which is rarely easy.

    I've had plenty of drunk friends in the army that I damn near came to blows with over driving drunk. In they end, they do what they want, and could not be persuaded.

    Thankfully, no one was ever killed or hurt.
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    I can't say I understand the charges for the two first guys. Did they provide the alcohol and pressured her into driving? Or did they trick her into drinking (i.e. she didn't understand she was drunk)?
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    Same here. Not much you can do beyond expressing disapproval.

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