More games for Intel macs?

Discussion in 'Games' started by absurdio, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. absurdio macrumors 6502

    Aug 25, 2003
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    As I'm sure everyone is aware, there are approximately three games for macs at any given time. I'm wondering if the unwillingness of game developers to port their isht onto macs has/had something to do with macs using the PowerPC chips. If so, does that mean we're any more likely to see games ported to mac, now that macs are using Intel chips? Or is the fact that there are no games for macs based on something other than the processor (I have no idea)? I mean, basically the only complaint I have about my powerbook is that I can't play Halflife 2 on it. If they make that a possibility...sweet jesus, I'll never leave my house again.
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    There are quite a lot of threads on this topic actually.

    The reasons for developers and publishers not supporting the Mac platform for games are many.

    Sure, the PowerPC chips did have an effect, but as large as you'd think.

    The biggest problem I've noticed is developers simply not caring about the system. Their biggest gamer market is the PC and they simply have no interest doing both PC and Mac when PC is enough work already.

    Added to this is Microsoft DirectX, many developers have based their entire game engines on this API. There are alternatives to most of the components in DirectX for other platforms (like Mac) but they are actually newer then DirectX is. PC developers are very familiar and comfortable with DirectX and this just compounds the complexity of them supporting Mac, so they simply don't.

    Currently a developer could use OpenGL for graphics and OpenAL for audio, even use SDL for everything else if they wanted to. The biggest problem is that they simply don't want to put the effort in, and don't care. It's almost a non-issue for many developers.
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    Using the Intel processor in new Macs is likely to have minimal effects on new games coming to the Mac. The only development 'gain' from using Intel is you don't have byte ordering issues when porting games from the PC, but if an application is well written that should be a trivial task anyway.

    Possibly the biggest advantage to using Intel is elsewhere - since Apple will be using the same processors as contemporary PCs, it means there should be little gap between the two (due only to the OS and minor hardware differences). This should simplify things for game porters quite a bit.
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    Now that Intel has gone multi-core too, I expect that many future games will finally be SMP compatible.
    Such a shame that a game like Doom 3 doesn't take advantage of the second (sometimes even third an forth) CPU in a current Mac.
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    IMO, this is pretty much the largest hurdle and part of the reason we don't see more Mac ports. Beyond that, if a poirtage house were to take up the task and convert from DirectX to OpenGL/AL, it would have to be on a title they were 100% to make a profit o, otherwise it's not worth the effort and $ to license and pay people to port/test/support this for a crappy game that 1000 people buy.
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    one reason for half life 2 not coming to mac is the physics engine used in the game, and valve is wanting a considerable amount of money for aspyr to use the engine, the game can easily be ported over, but its all about money, hopefully in the next few months they get windows xp and windows xp compatible games running on macs flawlessly, so then there would be no point of aspyr porting it
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    Well, it'll be a while before I'm willing to consider this powerbook ancient enough to replace (read: dammit, i'm poor). So I guess I can hope that by the time I get myself an mbp, people will have windows running smoothly enough on 'em that the games will work, too. There was a recent rumor posted here, too, that Apple is working on building some virtualization technology into, hell, maybe they'll even get that working well enough that we'll be able to run games that way, eh?
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    Glenda said that they're looking at adding SMP to Doom 3 :)

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