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Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, May 9, 2007.

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    Web "market share" aka user base seems like a good measure, since it indicates real users (who might buy software from developers, say) rather than cash registers and the like.

    This, as near as I can tell, is the original data being discussed (with PPC and Intel Macs being counted as separate groups):

    One thing I find noteworthy: there are about 60% as many Intel Macs as PPC Macs online. That means a LOT of Macs have been sold in the last year!
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    Well, at the same time, youth are many times more likely to be online than adults. At least most of the people I know at my University have no moral hesitation when it comes to piracy, and few of them have money to begin with, so even if they wanted to, they wouldn't buy.

    I don't think that internet usage and purchasing correlate so much.
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    Internet usage does correlate with human usage (vs. cash registers and manufacturing control etc.). That in turn correlates with piracy AND purchasing, and all the things humans do :)

    There's no reason to think Mac users are more likely to pirate than Windows users. (In fact, I seem to recall that Mac users buy more software per person.)

    There may be more pirates online than pirates who don't use the 'net--I agree with that--but that doesn't change the Mac vs. Windows numbers.
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    According to some website stats I have access to in the UK (2m uniques/mo, mostly 13-30, m/f) 1.82% of browsers were on Mac OS X this April, compared with 1.45% a year ago. Ok, so it's not a massive increase, but it's an increase all the same.

    Windows usage, I might add, has dropped from 98.21% to 97.49% in the same timeframe.

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