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Discussion in 'Games' started by Rovias, Jul 19, 2005.

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    Feb 22, 2005

    Now, take all of this with a HUGE dose of skepticism. A lot of things this guy claims are just unfeasible (i.e. The DVD adapter being able to play Blu-Ray and HD-DVD). However, if any of this pans out to be true, the Revolution is going to be pretty awesome.

    If it's all false, well...I'll probably buy one anyway. :D
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    Mar 17, 2004
    I stopped reading here:
    "-Will be as or more Powerful in graphics than the PS3 through cube-mapping, while still running on low horsepower and staying cost and electrical efficient"

    I got together with a bunch of programmers and hardware guru's a while back and we analyzed the cube-mapping patent.

    I'll repost it here. Sorry if its a bit big.

    There is traditional cube-mapping, and there is Nintendo's patent for cube-mapping; the two are completely different things, but a lot of people hear of cube-mapping being something developers use to improve graphics and get mixed up with Nintendo's patent.

    NVidia explains what traditional cube-mapping is here.

    It's a more advanced bump mapping. This is NOT patented by Nintendo; in fact, it's part of the OpenGL spec on Linux and Mac OS X and Windows, and has been in DirectX since DirectX 7. It's not a new thing (as proven by the 1999 article quoted above).

    One of the programmers stated:

    To quote the actual PATENT:

    This is pretty simple to understand. It's, like it says, a 3D panoramic view with pre-rendered backgrounds.

    A lot of fans and so-called 'insiders' have claimed this patent is 'converting pre-rendered graphics to realtime', but this is obviously not the case.

    Another quote, from the actual patent:

    Note the last bit. Panoramically rendering the said composited mapped image using a desired angle.

    This is for a 3D panoramic image with depth added. This has been done in the past without the depth. Want an example?

    Zelda 64: Ocarina of Time. Remember the Marketplace? Well, this patent does something similar, creating a pre-rendered panorama similar to the marketplace, with a fixed viewpoint in the middle and a pre-rendered environment. The difference is that it has depth, so the objects stick out as if it was rendered in real time.

    It allows normal objects to be put into this pre-rendered 3D panorama.

    This is great in certain situations, but is not going to be used in most games. I wouldn't be surprised if this is for the next Zelda, or for a Revolution Zelda game. Imagine walking around in an area that looks almost lifelike, the only breaks in the illusion being the objects and characters...
    But only in limited areas. Just like the marketplace was an area of its own in Zelda 64, MOST of the game is rendered normally. This cube mapping patent is just a pre-rendered 3D panorama with depth. It's cool but it's not going to make a big difference. And it's not going to make the Revolution be able to produce far superior visuals than the opposition in every game; certainly not.

    The applications are very limited. It'll be great in some areas though. But like it says, it's from a fixed viewpoint.

    More stuff:

    Patent says:
    This is for the environment and the environment ONLY. No NPC's or any of that stuff. The only thing that is cube mapped is the environment.

    The patent says:
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    Mar 17, 2004
    Woah woah woah!!! I continued reading this and I suddenly realized it; this guy is quoting info from the GUY I WAS DEBATING!

    In fact, he SPECIFICLY copied and pasted the words of the very insider I was debating (and completely crushed, he started making up stuff like claiming that he had an Alienware laptop with a dual core G5 processor to prove that it was possible to fit G5's in a small enclosure)!

    He got it from here:

    Search for posts from Anonymous Sam and Praxis. You'll see our debate and how the guy just starts making up stuff about his Alienware with a G5 processor.

    Also, this blog posts this picture:

    That image is for a patent for Zelda: Four Swords, allowing four players on the screen without split-screen.

    The Nintendo ON was proven fake. The author, Pablo, came forward and even provided images of the models he used in 3ds Max. It was sufficient proof to convince me.

    So the Nintendo ON bit is fake, about half the page that is plagiarized from Anonymous Sam is also fake as Anonymous Sam was fake, and those specs are pretty much guaranteed fake (quad core 2.7 GHz G5 processor, three completely-made-up AI processors, and three state-of-the-art physics processor, as well as a dual core graphics card running at 1.8 GHz, over three times faster than the XBox 360?).

    This is another Anonymous Sam ripoff; he claimed you could mix games together with no programming knowledge and have Leon with all his weapons and rag-doll physics and guns running around in Ocarina of Time killing Zelda enemies. Obviously fake of course ;)

    This Titus Mile's guy is way too gullible.

    Thanks for posting though.

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