more on that erroneous niger uranium claim

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by zimv20, Dec 24, 2003.

  1. zimv20 macrumors 601


    Jul 18, 2002
    White House Faulted on Uranium Claim
    Intelligence Warnings Disregarded, President's Advisory Board Says


    Fact-checkers blamed for Bush's uranium speech

    nice timing for the WH, coming the day before Xmas. i wonder what, if anything, bush will do to address it.

    or have we all "moved past it?"
  2. 3rdpath macrumors 68000


    Jan 7, 2002
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    i loved condi's explanation of the whole mess during her " meet the press" interview. seems she DID take the reference out in an earlier speech but didn't remember it was erroneous information when she proofed bush's SOTU speech. later in the interview she quotes some specific ( though hardly important) info from bush's "mission accomplished" speech...

    seems like a very fortuitous case of selective retention.

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