More OS X 10.1.3 & GeForce 4


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Sep 12, 2001

I dunno, those pictures look just a little bit fake. But if they aren't, it will definitly get rid of the "candy" look in X. That would help a lot and i wouldn't keep switching back to 9 for a little refreshment.


Re: 10.1.3

Originally posted by thecube84
I dunno, those pictures look just a little bit fake. But if they aren't, it will definitly get rid of the "candy" look in X. That would help a lot and i wouldn't keep switching back to 9 for a little refreshment.
I assume the disappearance of the "candy" look is due to some twiddling with the system (I've seen that on other 10.1.X's), the installation screen is the same I saw last night after installing 10.1.3...


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Jan 27, 2002
That Video Card...

I was looking at the pictures and noticed something not quite right, then it dawned on me. The video card in the pictures happens to be the first AGP video card that Apple shipped, the ATI Rage 128. The only difference is the fan has a pretty looking cover.

The video card in the photos is equipped with a DVI connector. If this is what Apple is going to use then why would they get rid of the ADC connector after having shipped so many ADC montiors?


Comments to other people's posts

One person on this thread commented about the nVidia GeForce 4, but was skeptical about it. Well, I was reading an Excite New Article that stated: "On Feb. 5, Nvidia is expected to announce its next-generation flagship processor, the GeForce4". If you don't believe me, here's the link to the article:

Also, the fact that there is a DVI connector on the graphics card means only one thing- the card shown was the PC version of GeForce 4, it would be stupid of Apple to spend all the effort they have on ADC, and then dump it about 1 1/2 years later. It would also be pretty dumb for anyone to suggest the idea of such a thing happening.


Not the point

I don't think anyone would disagree that nVidia are about to release a new video card.

The question is whether those photos where of it or of an old ATI card with a painted margarine tub glued on to it.


Geforce 4 vs. Geforce 4 MX

Something I haven't read here or in other discussions:

All of you guys are treating the Geforce 4 MX like the Geforce 4. But as long as a I know they are completly different. In these original rumors about a Geforce 4 in the new Macs there was mentioned it will be a "Geforce 4 MX" (I hope I remember right).

In a german PC magazine (not specialized on Macs) they had an article about the new Geforce in general. And they said that the 4 MX is completely different to the normal Geforce 4. The MX is only a updated Geforce 2 core and has nothing in common with the Geforce 4.

Does anyone of you know more about that?


GeForce4 ?????


Im an owner of the Geforce 3 OEM from Apple BTO. I bought it with the first Superdrive 733 MHz 1MBL3 Cache G4 Mac.

After 6 !!!!!!!!!! months, Apple released OS 9.2.1 and it was the first time the Geforce 3 showed me only a slightly performance boost (5 fps more in quake) - before it was just like a geforce 2 mx, only with 64 MB Ram. In OS 9.2.2 it only supports 640x480. What a joke. Apple knows this problem of some geforce 3 card revisions and told me to wait until March of 2002 - for maybe new nvidia drivers.

Now Im working in OS X. The Apple-Website says: "...with full native support for the superfast NVIDIA GeForce 3 card allowing applications to take maximum advantage of advanced 3D applications" WHAT A JOKE!!!

Buy a good new game and test the Geforce 3! None, I repeat none of the special features like Full Screen Antialising, etc. are supported by the Open GL Drivers form Apple. The card is nothing more than a geforce 2 mx with 64 MB DDR Ram.

Nobody needs a geforce 4 if there are still no drivers for the geforce 3!!!!!!!!

Dont buy it. Its crap.

This is my opinion.


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Jan 23, 2002
Here and there!
Originally posted by Hemingray
The only thing of "questionable validity" was the GeForce 4 card, and that looks totally legit to me. Cool!
I saw it too, and when you blow up the Card in Photoshop, you can see that the fan is completely flat, and that there is nothing under it.......