More proof that Mhz don't mean squat!

Mr Jobs

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Apr 7, 2002
London, England
Intel isn't being sued over misrepresenting the mhz of the P4, because the 2.5ghz has a clock frequency of 2.5 billion cycles per second. their being sued over misrepresenting the performance of the P4 against the P3 and Athlons

either way it is good news


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Jun 4, 2002
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Whatever happened to that guy who claimed that the P4 ran at only 1/2 clockspeed because his professor told him so? He said that he was going to verify that claim with his professor again, after posting the incredulous info here at macrumors. He didn't come back, did he?:confused:


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Aug 16, 2002
This lawsuit is so stupid- and so are the people suing.

"Hey, my 2 GHZ P4 is slower than my mom's 1.5 GHZ Athalon"

The lawsuit sucks, but maybe it will finally set straight the MHz myth.

You can't sue a company because it has a greater MHz than the competition, but runs slower. I mean, the P4 is still faster at some speeds.


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Jul 23, 2002
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The best thing that could happen out of this lawsuit is requiring companies to put meaningful specs out for their CPUs. Mind you they should probably still include the MHz for easy comparison within the line.

Mind you, I don't actually expect anything like this to happen. Maybe Apple should start this trend by publishing such specs for their systems and some of the competitors processors.

If this was to truly work right, you would need the specs of a processor based on the motherboard it's on, since the motherboard can affect performance,


Jul 9, 2000
i have read that the fastest p4 with rambus may be the fastest but not the most cost effective machine out there

to add insult to injury, sse2 instructions used in p4 are not found to be compliant with a lot of software

so in many cases, the p3 is faster...and there is no doubt that the athlon is just as fast and in many cases, faster than anything on the pc front

bus speed is important, type of ram, amount of ram, the video card, software compatibility, heat issues, and a lot of other factors work together in making a fast and compatible machine

it is easy just to look at the clock speed of the processor but what would you rather have, a 700 mhz ibook with sahara g3 processor or a 1 ghz celeron pc laptop?

or what about a dual 867 g4 powermac vs. a 1.8 ghz celeron hp pc?
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