More Than 1,000 in Iraq’s Forces Quit Basra Fight

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    In Friday's New York Times, it was reported that over 1000 Iraqi forces deserted their commands. This is much more significant than many people might realize.

    I was in Vietnam during the time period (1969-1972). It was the 'transition period', where our 'pacification' strategy changed to 'Vietnamization'. In other words, we went from extreme tactics (i.e. Phoenix operation) to turning the war over to South Vietnamese control.

    Vietnamization was a complete failure. The South was given everything militarily they needed to succeed. But, they were not the side with the fervor and drive to win. Their desertion rate was high (I can no longer recall the statistics, and do not want to just throw numbers out there). When the South was totally on their own, they folded like a 'house of cards'.

    In Iraq, when we see the US supported government, losing men to desertion, it is a clear indication, their hearts are not in it. Vietnam was a war for independence and freedom. They had one goal and one last occupying force to remove. Then, finally, the dream that was centuries old would be fulfilled.

    Iraq is far more complex. They are a civilization over three millennia old. I shake my head in confusion at our arrogance that a nation, less than 300 year's old thinks they can 'school' countries who have been around for thousands.
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    Arrogance? I'm afraid our policy in Iraq wasn't mere "arrogance". Arrogance didn't lead the administration to actively discourage post-war planning or even open discussion. Arrogance didn't lead the administration to convince the American people that Iraq and Al Qaida were connected. Arrogance didn't cause an American president to declare war on a concept, toss out habeus corpus, and turn a national tragedy into a sequence of events that would expend American goodwill like a drunken gambler. --That would be "STUPIDITY". Pure, undiluted, and uncut.

    ~ CB
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