More trouble than they're worth

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Feb 4, 2008.

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    I'll save the rest of you the time reading the article. They don't actually claim people return iPhones because they are hard to use. All it says is that 12% of people who buy iPhones return them for any reason, which was the lowest rate of any smartphone in the article.
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    Still it doesn't matter how smart a smartphone can be if the end user is stupid there will always be a failure between the phone and the user...

    Seriously never underestimate the power of stupid people.
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    I figured

    Thanks. I figured that headline couldn't be right:eek:
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    Maybe. The article's unfortunately quite unclear about the survey data.

    It certainly doesn't jive with all the consumer satisfaction numbers that Apple touts regularly.

    EDIT: Read the linked article. Still unclear. Again, reading second-and-third-hand reports of this survey doesn't clarify things at all.

    EDIT x2: Looked all over the Internet and at the original press release. You're right, gauchogolfer, we have zero idea why 12% of iPhones were returned.
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    Law of averages. "In any group of ten or more, there will be at least one maggot" -- Life lesson taught by Phil, bartender extraordinaire from Rocky's Bikini Lounge, Fort Lauderdale Florida, circa 1979.
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    Yeah, those statistics are definitely stated in a dubious way. Saying a certain percent of smartphones are returned b/c they're too hard to use, then immediately saying that 2 specific phones have a certain percentage of returns is a bit of a bait & switch.
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    Sounds like they're hiding information to make headlines. Enough said.
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    Some possible reasons:

    * They meant to get an iPod Touch. Oops!

    * They thought they could get out of their old mobile contract, but couldn't.

    * They bought in haste, but really can't afford it.

    * They suddenly need that money for some emergency, and will buy the iPhone again later.

    * They got a dead unit (always possible) and returned it for a new one.

    * Their spouse or parent found it and made them return it.

    * They fell in love with a MacBook while buying the phone, and woke up realizing they wanted the MacBook more.

    * They found a better price on eBay.

    * They wanted to trade for a different amount of storage (4 vs. 8 GB).

    * They put it through the laundry and managed to sneak it back as a return.

    * They bought it as a gift for someone who had already gotten a new phone elsewhere.

    * They only wanted it to show off at one date, meeting or job interview.

    * They found they lived or worked in an AT&T dead spot.

    * They thought it was an ashtray until they looked at the receipt.

    * They stole it and returned it for cash. Cheeky!

    * They saw the pink nano and just HAD to wait for colored iPhones.

    * They were chased six blocks by muggers and became terrified of carrying it.

    * They loved it but their Microsoft-bound peer group put it down. (And then jumped off a bridge, setting another worthy example.)

    * Aliens were spying on them through it.

    * They actually disliked the product.

    Many possible reasons...
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    It's really amazing how many cheap articles there are out there that tout a product like the iPhone or iPod in the headline, and then mention it once or twice in an article that doesn't really have anything to do with it.

    This isn't one of those articles; It seems a bit more sinister, like they tried to actually trick us with word games into assuming that 12% of iPhone buyers thought it was too challenging to use. Even if that were true, as an iPhone owner that could only lead me to the conclusion that 12% of iPhone buyers are unspeakably stupid--which really wouldn't surprise me. I mean, I follow politics enough to have a mild grasp of the level the average joe is at. 12% seems low in light of that.

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