Mother finds kidnapped children on facebook

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by dukebound85, May 30, 2010.

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    I am not sure how I feel about this. Yes, it has deprived the mom of her kids but also, the kids do not know her after 16 years, was said to be in a happy household with father, and now the mom is having the father put in jail

    If I were the child, I would be very angry at my mom and wouldn't care if my dad had kidnapped me when I was a youngster as long as he was a good parent if you know what I mean


    I feel it is a lose-lose situation for everyone but the mom, whom the daughter at least wants nothing to do with
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    I can't pass judgment on this one. It seems like a family affair where the only person that got hurt was the mother. This part does bother me though :

    We know Faustino's daughter is about to turn 18, and she officially graduated from celebration high school on Thursday night. For now, both children are in the custody of the State of Florida.

    That's wrong.
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    Without knowing all of the details, its really hard to say whats going on.

    One red flag that popped up is that when contacted by the mother, the daughter told her she didnt want anything to do with her. You would think the opposite would have happened. Pretty weird, almost sounds like the kids were brainwashed into thinking the mother was an evil person or something.

    Usually I think there are fairly good reasons for granting custody to one parent over another. Income, quality of life etc, mental state, all come into play. Maybe the mother could have provided a better quality of life for the kids than the father?

    Its really hard to make any kind of judgement without knowing all of the details, but the bottom line is the guy is a kidnapper. He took the kids away from their legally appointed guardian.
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    This is a tough one but I think I agree with the OP to some extent, I'd be rather angry at my mom if she did this to my dad after all these years. The relationship between the mom and child will never be as deep as it should be and this will only hinder it further.
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