Motley Fool: MS Follows Apple; Apple Should Watch Out

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Oct 15, 2004.

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    Mar 11, 2004
    no comments yet ? il bite...

    The digital hub means different things to different people.

    in my house, we technically have 2 family rooms. 1 on the first floor and a rech room in the basement.

    majority of my stuff is in the basement, my office, my g5 / laptop, my tv, etc... i more or less use my bed room to sleep and get changed in.

    a digital hub in my opinion and situation would have to be very versitile. id like to stream video, and not just vcd quality, but dvd, anywhere i choose. for me to replace my dvd players with a "hub" of sorts, id like to click a button on a remote or a program for that matter, and choose which tv in the house id like to stream to.

    similar to how apples air port express works, only for video.

    the same device should do audio also, and if it is audio, do some nice visualization.

    internet connection ? eh... i have laptops to provide me with that.

    automation ? my rech room is equiped with RF light switches. it would be cool to integrate this also.

    we run 2 wireless networks in my house, 1 live for internet and 1 specifically for my test server. signal isnt bad with a 802.11g router anywhere in the house, but farther than the deck or the front porch outside and it drops, on ibook, or on toshiba laptop.

    if firewire wireless ever makes it this could all work as id like. oviously you could allways hard wire but its not acceptable here in my house. the house is still to new to start drilling holes threw walls and floors

    as for microsoft following apple, thats exactly the problem. thier following. no matter how much money you have to throw at r&d, how many programmers or marketing staff, ur still following.

    apple with the ipod has made in my opinion, and clearly in others, the best portable mp3 player on the market. try duplicating that without infringing on patents / copywrites... its not a easy thing to do.

    so far apple has it right with airport express, but the price needs to come down just a bit for me to put one in 4 different rooms, and it also needs to do video.

    there are 2 kinds of companies in this world. the ones that lead with new ideas and products, and the ones that wait to see what happens to those companies and follows

    there are advantages and disadvantages to both, but in the end, if you jump on new technologies (i do) the people to follow may not do as well as they thing. im more willing to pay a bit more for a company who spent the enitial r&d than to spend it on someone who did a quick copy.

    just a view
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    Jan 7, 2004
    Purcellville, VA
    Microsoft was able to clobber Netscape because Netscape sat on its laurels and didn't innovate anything for years.

    Apple is innovating.

    Second, "give it away for free" (MS's usual means for driving competitors out of business) won't work for consumer electronics devices like iPods. If MS gave away a million iPod clones for free, they may gain market share, but they'd also lose a fortune in business. (And it still wouldn't kill the iPod. A lot of those free players would wind up in the hands of people like me looking for a free hard drive.)

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