Motorola Endeavor HX1 Review, former disgruntled Plantronics 975 user

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by B737, Jan 25, 2010.

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    Ive effing had it with the 975. After about 3 months of use i had constant complaints about the echo from callers. Its not a volume issue, i believe its an iPhone to Plantronics issue.

    After reading here about the Motorola HX1, i went to take a look at it today at the sprint store. Its the same price as the 975.

    ive only used it half a day so far, i will post again after a few weeks of usage. But the very first thing i did was call the people i spoke to the most that complained of echoing.

    So far, no echoing with this device. I did get one report of a slight echo when i had the ear piece volume turned ALL the way up. And when the HX1 is turned way up its so loud its uncomfortable. Although my hearing isnt so great (thanks to work) my ears are pretty sensitive to touch so i was most skeptical about how far the HX1 went into your ear. its not so far that its uncomfortable. Although i will say the 975 was a little more comfortable, but it was also less stable and more prone to falling out. The HX1 stays put because of its fit, and round the ear hook.

    Pros: It works as it should with the iPhone 3GS, voice control works just fine so does Voicemail and call functions. I love the on off toggle. Volume controls on the device, and the iphone will cycle it through its range no problem. The buttons on the HX1 are great, there is no mystery or trickery to get them working. On off toggle, volume up down, answer button and the stealth button, easy to interact with. Id say my hearing is less than good, and its very clear to hear callers with the volume level between 10% and 25%. at 75% its REALLY loud and at 100% its blaring. At 100% is when i had one caller report a slight echo, im certain it was because of the noise feed back. Published battery life is greater than the 975. The user interface is great on the HX1, there is no ambiguity, anything you need from the device or the device is doing is backed up with a VOICE prompt from the HX1. The regular mic on the HX1 seems like its up to any normal bluetooth task. It was blocking out music at low volumes and it was blocking out my particularly noisy SUV (its old and makes all sorts of sounds including a lot of highway wind).

    Cons: Its chunky, not as sleek as the 975. After using it for over an hour straight i did feel some pressure on my ear, not enough that i had to remove it or anything. The stealth mode 'reader' on its tip is kinda fragile (as it says in the manual) so id be weary of just stuffing this thing in my pocket.

    Stealth mode. I was weary reading about 'artificially' sounding voice but its not that bad. it makes you sound as if your speaking over an older analogue cell phone. but your callers can clearly hear what your saying and will typically not suspect anything. one out of the 5 ppl i talked to said "hey ur sounding a little different". the other 4 said nothing at all. Its downright freaky to be blasting music (Metallica none the less) so loud you cant hear yourself talking and your callers carrying on a conversation as if nothing is going on. I stuck my head in front of a blow drier, and sat down next to a running vacuum cleaner. they heard nothing, just my voice. by turning the volume up to 75% i could hear them just fine over all the noise. It is such a cool feature!

    overall im just happy that thus far i have had no complaints of my callers hearing themselves.
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    do you know "the situation"?....:D .... sorry but had to do that. (this is where i would input a $1.99 symbol for sarcasm)..... lol

    thanks for the review, I was wondering about that earpiece......


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