Motorola selling cpu business

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by hvfsl, Oct 6, 2003.

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    Jul 9, 2001
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    According to ,Motorola are going to spin off the cpu business as a separate until. I expect this is because Apple does not want to use their chips anymore. I hope this means IBM will be making the G4s in future, IBM might be able to get it up to 2Ghz. Or maybe this G3 with Altivec is what Apple is going to replace the G4 with (until they can put the G5 in powerbooks/imac). IBMs G3 has many advantages over Moto's G4. These include DDR bus support and lower power usage.
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    i saw this also, maybe there will be no more g4's after the current run of models? we have heard about ibm's g3-g4 look alike maybe they will move those in but what i would like to see is g5's everywhere just at different speeds and different surrounding componets.
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    No news here. Motorola has been trying to sell this unit for a year and just can't get any bites on a lost cause.

    As many pieces of their business that they're selling, there won't be anything left but the executives who've ruined it all.
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    Well, there's no telling what the results of a spinoff would be. The new company could decide that supporting the PowerPC is just not worthwhile anymore and discontinue work on it. On the other hand, the new company would be more focused on processors and thus might decide that the PowerPC is still worth working on as long as there's any profits to be made. The thing is, IBM totally owns the roadmap now in terms of the PPC. I don't see how Motorola could position themselves to produce the G6, G7, or whatever in the future. A (relatively) small Motorola spinoff wouldn't have the resources necessary to invest in the research and fabrication technology to build a next-gen processor. I mean, look at the effort IBM put into the G5. I think if Motorola spins this off, it would definitely mean the final severing of the Apple/Moto relationship.
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    I'm thinking that Apple would probably buy into the new company at the IPO price. This way, the new company would have some incentive to continue producing PowerPC chips. Apple would also have a 2nd source for PowerPC chips and that would be a good hedge against something happening at IBM.

    Personally, I don't think that the new company will abandon PowerPC chips. They make a lot of PowerPC chips for many different customers. Apple isn't their only customer for these chips.

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