Motorsports News 8/13/02

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    Well here is the first mtorsports news thread, tell me what you all think.


    Cleveland to run at night
    CART is planning to run under the stars when they return to Cleveland next year.
    "These cars are spectacular at night and we'd love to do a race at Cleveland under the lights," said CEO Chris Pook.
    This race is ran on Burk lakefront Airport in Cleveland, it will be great at night.

    Also, as some of you racefans might know , CART reversed it new normally asperated engine formula that was slated for a first race next year to keep the twin turbo v8's that CART uses today. All the V8's for next year are being made by Ford-Cosworth which would lead you to beleve that it would become a spec series, but for said the the motors would all be Badged (named ) by some of the various Ford Brands, such as Mazda, Ford, Lincon Austin Martin, Volvo etc..... The engine formula after the 2004 race season ( when the for spec engine formula runs out) is unknown. More news next post.
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    Cart Part two and F1

    Also Cart said that its broadcast of the mid ohio race on CBS on sunday reached 1.2 million viewers compared to 800,000 for the Boring IRL race.
    Patrick Carpantier won that race one sunday


    Toyota's F1 team has had a bumpy start to its first F1 season,mostly because of reliability issues with its motors. Toyota is planing to bring a new motor to the next race at Hungaring racetrack.

    Jordan F1 team is reportedly switching to Ford-Cosworth power for next season, because of the low power of the Honda motor.An annoncemet date has not been set

    More news as it happens

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