Moving archived data to newer media & tape back-ups

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by Justauser, Nov 10, 2003.

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    Nov 10, 2003
    I have a Hammer DAT16 G 4 mm tape (FWB Incorporated is on the back of the drive)drive bought around 1997?? It has a scsi connection off of the drive itself going into a serial port on the G3. We have files on the tapes that we need to retrieve once in awhile(3x/month and decreasing). We would like to get a new G4 tower but do not want to buy the scsi/serial connection the drive needs. When we need to retrieve a file, we use Retrospect by Dantz(V 4.0) which does a decent job in finding and restoring the data.

    Q1) How can I get the data off of the tapes and onto another media so we can get at it using the G4 without needing the old tape drive?

    I would like to use a DAT tape drive for incremental(daily) and full(weekly) back-ups of the MAC. Currently the poor typesetter is backing up to CDs-which because of the amount of data is slow and takes many CDs. I like tapes because you can make incremental back-ups and get lots of data on one tape without changing it out after 700 MBs.

    Q2) Are there any 4MM data tape drives anyone has used(plus backup software) with the G4 tower for back-ups-full and incremental that work well?

    Q3) Is Retrospect still a respectable back-up application or is there one that is better?

    Thanks for your insight.

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