Moving to Europe w/out of contract 3GS?

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    I'm moving to Europe next summer, right at the point my two year initial contract with AT&T expires on my 3GS. I'd like to be able to continue using the phone and all its capabilities once I'm over there, but am not exactly sure what all I need to do in order for that to work. I imagine it includes getting the phone carrier unlocked in the US before leaving (will AT&T do this once the contract is finished?), then getting a new SIM and data plan for a carrier in the country I'm going to. Could some kind soul let me know what I'd need to do step-by-step to accomplish this, and if there's anything I need to be especially careful about along the way? Thank you -
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    No, AT&T doesnt carrier unlock any US iphones and neither does Apple.
    You're stuck using it only with an AT&T simcard or jailbreak and software unlock it.
    If I was you I'd sell it here in the US and use the money towards purchasing a factory unlocked iphone from Europe instead. Or you'd be stuck with having to deal with jailbreaks, shsh's, basebands, unlock versions etc....
    Not sure if you're up for it, I know its not for everyone.
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    Thanks - not what I wanted to hear, but what I expected, I guess.

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