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    We just finsihed building out new house in town and now my parents are talking of moving! :confused:

    My dad started working for this company located 1.5hrs+ away (mon-thurs) and on friday nights it takes him 2.5-3.5hrs to get home due to traffic. So my mom started talking to me about moving but previously I heard my parents talking about it.

    Here is my parents' thinking: We move to the Worcester, Mass area (next year) but because the schools are so big there it would be harder to make friends and fit in there (and not as good of schools???-not sure about that but thats what my mom says) so they would send me off to a private/boarding school located here in CT where I know a few people in my grade that go there.

    One of the schools they are thinking of for me requires you to have an Apple laptop and it was the first school in the US to require laptops for every student which is pretty cool. (PC FREE!!!)

    I 'm just confused or something. I can't really think of a good word to describe my feelings.

    :eek: :eek: :eek:
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    I assume you've lived in the same town all your life. That's good, and there are advantages to it: you have the same friends every year, for example.

    I grew up in the Air Force, and never spent more than 4 years in one place... the usual amount of time was 2-3 years. Since everyone else was moving around all the time, too, this meant that on average I knew someone for about 1.5 - 2 years before they moved or I moved. This sucks with respect to keeping friends (I don't keep in touch with ANYONE I knew prior to high school, and only one or two of my HS classmates), but it helps with respect to MAKING new friends and experiencing more of life. While other folks I know grew up all in one town, I got to move all over the world and become acquainted with a heck of a lot more people.

    So, look at this as a mixed blessing... you'll be moving, but you'll be MOVING. It's better than sitting still.
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    Moving SUCKS!!! then again I just moved from a city of 1 million to a town of 8,000 and I hate it.
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    I am tired of this little town I live in. I have a ton of friends here but I'm just sorta tired of this place and I would like to explore a little. I admit I live in a 97% White 2% Black, 1% hispanic community of about 15,000 people or so. I'm also tired how my Middle School Vice Principal is the HS V.P. now. She is a total moron. I never got in trouble, but she makes sure that she catches anyone violating the dress code policy plus she is incredibly snotty and negative.

    Honestly, the only African American people that I am actually friends with are 2 White familes (the parents) from south africa that have lived here for 20 years. The only black people I know are the 5 they ship in from Hartford to go to our school. Most of them just get in trouble and/or never come to school. I'm exposed to no diversity.

    but then on the other side, I would be sacrificing my friends and my postition in the social class (popularity) and I pretty much have to start over from scratch. Not to mension having to look for a house. It took almost 3 years to desgin our new house. 2 years to find our old house, and so on.
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    Moving was always an adventure to me. Being that both of my adoptive parents had been in the military, we had moved about every 3 years. When we ended up in one house for over 3 years, I couldn't take it. :eek: Once I had the money and a good job, I moved out. I was still moving until I had this house built. Now, I'm ready to go again. Stagnation kills me.

    I hope you find some way to enjoy your new home/school/environment, wherever it is.
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    Go to boarding school!!!! It'll be the best thing that ever happened to you. Being around people 24/7 will help you make friends REALLY fast [took me 3 days] Plus your school required a Mac laptop, how cool is that? [for starter, no Windows users to argue with] And you can do all sort of things in boarding school, the clubs are always better. I remember once we sneaked out of the school at night to go to this church [there was no where else worth going] and the church happens to be in front of this pub where all the teachers go to at night :eek: lots of hiding around but it was fun... Aaaaahh... the good times... My friends from boarding school are still my best friends even though we haven't met each other for several years. So go to boarding school, you'll have a great time! :D
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    Apr 18, 2004
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    you won't remember your HS friends anyway, well- most of them. you meet your really close friends in collge and beyond. most of the time, always exceptions to the rule
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    Thanks for positive comments. I think the laptop thing is cool, there will still be Mac haters I'm sure, but maybe they'll learn how much better macs are. Sneaking out to a church? Why would you want to do that. Well last year people in my social studies class would always take the teacher's stuff (attendance book, grade book, teacher s.s. book, lunch, etc out the window. It was hillarious. He went to the bathroom frequently and we never had work to do so there was time to mess around.
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    Yeah dude, I totally second that. I was really shy and introverted as a kid, but going to boarding school really helped me come out of my shell, and like you said, it was one of the best experiences of my life. Of course, with no parents around there are many more opportunities to get into trouble, but that's all part of the boarding school experience. Go for it man, and the Mac laptop thing is a definite plus. Luckily there were no Mac laptops in existence when I was in high school or I probably would never have gone out and made new friends!
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    Mar 12, 2005
    yes, boarding school brought out my confident too since I did a bit of theatre there... and the church thing? it was a courage test thing, they were trying to see who will get spooked out first [it was not one of us girls :D] I really hope university will be this fun on the coming October...
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    Very true.

    Those you want to remain friends with, you will.

    As we personally grow, if you will, after HS we find those that we associate with changes.

    They say you are very lucky if you can hold up one finger when it comes time to count your close friends.

    Most folks are just acquantances.

    Edit: BTW, have fun and enjoy the move!


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