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The EvangelMoz (short for Evangelize Mozilla) project intends to bring a missing component to Mozilla, name recognition. While Mozilla is well known and beloved in the Open Source community, there are many regular computer users who don't even know what Mozilla is, much less used it. The original (some say premature) release of Netscape 6 also brought some negative PR and myths to the Mozilla project. EvangelMoz intends to "Bring Mozilla to the Masses" Currently EvangelMoz is working to achieve several goals

* Create various web badges for webmasters to use on web sites if their site works correctly with Mozilla. (Bug 94490)
* Create banner ads for those who want to promote Mozilla on their web site.
* Create online information packets for the media and general public illustrating the advantages Mozilla has over other web browsers, as well as answers to common questions in an easy to understand, quick yet thorough format.
* Serve as a gateway between the Mozilla community and the general public to allow the general public allowing the general public to see how the Mozilla Community operates, and allowing the general public to become more aware of Mozilla.
* Evangelize Mozilla in a professional and effective manner using available resources and enlightening people to the idea that Microsoft is not the only game in town.

EvangelMoz is looking to have an information packet as well as some web badges ready for general use arround the release of Mozilla 1.0

Anyone is welcome to join. There is a need for certain skills at this time:

* Graphic Artists
* Flash Creators
* Anyone with an artistic or creative skill
* Writers (for Information Packets)
* Anyone with Public Relations Experience.
i know there are a lot of mozilla users around here (most of the polls here indicate more than 50%!), so i was hoping that maybe some of you could jump start this project. i think many of us with websites would be proud to put up a small mozilla badge. the omniweb badges are pretty cool.

so all you artists out there, think you can make a snazy mozilla dragon badge (cant do worse than that splash screen right?)
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