MP3 vs AAC; Conversion!?

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    Oct 7, 2003
    Hey, the first thing that i want to know is can i convert the AAC files from my iTunes DL's to Mp3 format? I'm asking because i've had trouble importing AAC files into Flash MX-04, and MP3 Files just suit it better, and i don't like paying for files that i can't use flexibly.

    Also why does apple use AAC, what are the benefits, or the difference vs. MP3 format?
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    Mar 2, 2002
    Absolutely. Go to Preferences > Importing > Import using: MP3 Encoder. You can also set custom settings there.

    Select the AAC song(s) in iTunes, then go to the Advanced menu and select "Covert Selection to MP3."

    If you're talking about songs you downloaded from the iTunes music store:
    [1] Transfer the song to your iPod.
    [2] Connect an audio cable from your iPod to the audio in on your computer.
    [3] Download and install Sound Studio. Open a new recording window and accept the default settings.
    [4] Go to the Window menu in Sound Studio, select the Show Input Levels, and click on "Soft play-through." (At this point, set your iPod's volume to maximum.)
    [5] Hit the record button in Sound Studio and play the song from your iPod together.
    [6] When the song reaches the end, terminate the recording in Sound Studio.
    [7] Eliminate any silence from the recording that you don't need, and adjust the amplitude of the waveform if necessary.
    [8] Save the file.
    [9] Bring it to iTunes.
    [10] Convert it to whatever format you need.

    AAC files have better quality compression technology compared to mp3 files of the same bitrate.
    At equivalent bitrates and track lengths, files of type AAC and mp3 also have the same file size.

    Note: When converting from AAC to mp3, you will lose significant quality. I suggest AIFF (or WAV) to mp3 conversion from the original uncompressed AIFF source.

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