MPEG-4 encryption

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    Aiming to close a long-standing gap in digital rights management for MPEG-4, a streaming media consortium is seeking comments on an encryption specification slated for release in June. The Internet Streaming Media Alliance (ISMA), whose members include Apple Computer, AOL Time Warner, Cisco Systems, IBM and Sun Microsystems, said it would spend the next two months evaluating public review of the new digital rights management (DRM) specification.

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    Time and time again on many bb sites I see postings about encryption and stegography. While people know how they do, they do not know how they work. This is why I think that so few people ever comment on these topics.

    Beyond this, what exactly is public commentary going to accomplish? As far as the general user is concerned, less is better. Companies, on the other hand, I would guess, want super security and the ability to have single use keys with expiration protocols so that they can make money and control who is using their media.

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