Mpow MLens V3 2 in 1 Clip-On Wide Angle Lens. Neat accessory to greatly enhance your photos.

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by danny8200, Mar 13, 2016.

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    Hi all,

    I decided to give this neat little product a try, and I must say it works pretty well. I'm not a professional photographer but do love taking pictures with my iPhone 6S. After trying it on my phone, and also a Galaxy S4, I can see the difference between the before and after.

    I do recall one user in these forums that was wondering if these types of add on lenses were worth it.

    The lenses came packaged in a small box. Along with the cover for the lenses and even a soft microfiber carrying pouch for transporting and to avoid any scratching. Neat little bonus.

    There's no instructions as this is pretty much self explanatory.

    There's a small clip that screws onto the lenses, which clips directly onto your phone right over your camera. The clip is lined with what feels like rubber so no need to worry about scratching your screen/screen protector. The lenses are sort of large in proportion to the phone. I use a minimal case at the moment (the Caudabe Sheath) and had no problem fitting this over my camera. I also used this on a Galaxy S4 with a Spigen Tough Armor and also had no problems. So this does work with some cases. I don't think it will work with other, bulkier cases. Once on, just snap away.

    Why would you buy this? As the name suggests, if you want to capture more of the surrounding area, and want a wider angle (wide angle lens) then this is perfect. Since we all carry our phones everywhere with us nowadays and don't always have a camera ready, then this little add on enhances your photos.

    Who would buy this? Novice photographers, or simply anyone that likes taking pictures with their smartphone. This obviously is not for professionals since they would already have a DSLR on hand.

    Pictures of the product and before and after sample shots are attached below.

    I received this from MPow in exchange for an honest/unbiased opinion.

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    image_2.jpg image_3.jpg

    image_5.jpg image_6.jpg
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    Mar 14, 2016
    overall a nice review. can't wait to try it myself!

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