MS Office Altarnatives for Mac


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Mar 1, 2002
South Australia
I don't like Microsoft Office 2001 for mac, it has to many bugs in it and slows down and some times crashes my PowerMac 7600/132.

The only Alternatives I found so far is AppleWorks but it lacks in compatiblity with MS office and hasn't got all thoughs features.

I would like to see programs like OpenOffice/StarOffice or 602 Office running under MacOS. I put Yellow Dog Linux on my mac with OpenOffice on it but it runs really, really, really slow :( .

Does any one else know of any other alternatives for MacOS or what you think about this?


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Oct 4, 2001
Natick, MA
Appleworks 6.x is very compatible with m$ orfice. I have saved files many times from within Appleworks 6 (under OS 9 AND OS X). If you haven't tried version 6, then I suggest doing so. Make sure you update it fully to the very latest (all available for download). The original release of version 6 didn't have all the compatibility, but in later updates they resolved this issue.

I have yet to have Appleworks crash on me, or bring my computer down. Orfice on the other hand... 'nuf said.