mSATA SSD not detected by MacBook Pro Retina (13-inch, Late 2012)

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    I wanted to upgrade the intern SSD of my MacBook Pro Retina A1425 because I felt tight with its 128GB SSD so I bought many items to have 500 GB of storage.

    And with that, I have an external USB 2 HDD that I opened in order to use its SATA to USB 2 connexion.

    So I plugged the mSATA SSD to the 7 + 17 pin card adapter.
    Then the 7 + 17 pin card adapter to the 7 + 17 pin to SATA adapter.
    Eventually the 7 + 17 pin card to SATA adapter to the SATA to USB 2 adapter.
    (pictures here :

    I successfully made a clone of my internal SSD on the Samsung EVO 850 SSD using the recovery program of my MacBook Pro and its Disk Utility.

    I thought it was over but when I switched the old 128 GB SSD with the new one and started up my MacBook Pro I was very disappointed.

    It doesn't detect at all the SSD. It's like it's unplugged.

    I tried to boot on the old one using the USB connexion and then opened the System Information panel. There was nothing under the SATA section. The Disk Utility doesn't display the internal SSD too :/

    I tried to remove it and reinstall it many times and nothing changed.

    I also tried to boot on the 500 GB SSD using the USB connexion and it works perfectly so it means the drive is well formed clone of my old SSD.

    - each time I reinstall the old one into the Macbook Pro, it detects the SSD normally so the connector is not damaged
    - when I boot via USB, I use the mSATA to 7 + 17 pin adapter so I guess it works well.

    Any idea?


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    Ask the guys that sold you the parts. And get your money back if it does not work.

    I would only us genuine Apple parts to update a retina MacBook. Apple had to designed proprietary technology to make this work back in 2012. So they are the only ones who know the details of how it works.

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