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    Video link

    Once again, Stewart doing some of the best journalism out there. :D Seriously, this was an excellent show.

    He calls out MSNBC for using photoshopped images of Palin. Sad.

    Happens at about 2:40 in but the first 3 minutes are worth watching.
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    Feb 14, 2004
    OBJECTIVE reality
    Clearly, this was presented as a comedy bit. (Here's a slightly fuller version of the Ratigan segment.) It was even in the form of a Top Ten list. So to me, it's not quite as bad as Fox editing footage to make crowds appear larger than they are and presenting that as hard news.

    Ratigan's apology seems to be based on using the photoshopped images without any acknowledgment. I suppose you could ask how could anybody -- his staff or the viewing public -- be unaware that those were photoshopped, since they were all over the internet? On the other hand, it's a very fine line between making fun of someone and taking a cheap shot, and if you're gonna go that far you'd better be prepared to take some heat for it.

    Again, not quite on the level of a Fox distortion, but not a shining moment of wit either.
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    Feb 22, 2006
    atleast they apoligized quicker than fox did and it was more sincier to than fox
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    Can you post a link or a date for those of us not in the US?
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    Id suggest watching well after that segment too, funny as hell.

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