Mueller's team questioning Russian oligarchs

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    Interesting if Mueller has documents he's trying to further validate/connect dots...

    pecial counsel Robert Mueller's team has taken the unusual step of questioning Russian oligarchs who traveled into the US, stopping at least one and searching his electronic devices when his private jet landed at a New York area airport, according to multiple sources familiar with the inquiry.

    A second Russian oligarch was stopped during a recent trip to the US, although it is not clear if he was searched, according to a person briefed on the matter.

    Mueller's team has also made an informal voluntary document and interview request to a third Russian oligarch who has not traveled to the US recently. The situations have one thing in common: Investigators are asking whether wealthy Russians illegally funneled cash donations directly or indirectly into Donald Trump's presidential campaign and inauguration.

    Investigators' interest in Russian oligarchs has not been previously reported. It reveals that Mueller's team has intensified its focus into the potential flow of money from Russia into the US election as part of its wide-ranging investigation into whether the Trump team colluded with Russia's interference in the 2016 presidential election.

    The approach to Russian oligarchs in recent weeks may reflect that Mueller's team has already obtained records or documents that it has legal jurisdiction over and can get easily, one source said, and now it's a "wish list" to see what other information they can obtain from Russians entering the US or through their voluntary cooperation.

    More via link above...
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    What are the chances that these people will voluntarily cooperate?
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    Probably depends on if Russia was actively working with Trump to get him elected or were just trying to sow chaos and saw Trump as the most incompetent candidate. If they were just going for Chaos they might cooperate to throw a wrench in the Republicans claims of no collusion.
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    Trump’s administration is like a spinoff reality show of the last seasons of Homeland.
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    I think it depends on the line of questioning and what evidence Mueller might have.

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