Multi-platform continuity – Siemens Project Ansible; Unify OpenScape, Circuit; etc.

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    Please: has anyone here used Circuit?

    Unify Circuit was formerly known as Siemens Enterprise Communications Project Ansible. (Not to be confused with Ansible by Artisan Technology.)

    Any users of the OpenScape platform, or OpenScape devices? (Some of Unify's earlier devices were/are 'OpenStage'.) The visual overview on page one of puts the OpenScape UC Suite in context.

    Two videos intrigue me: OpenScape Mobile – Call Swipe with Jabra headsets (2013-11-19) and OpenScape Mobile – Call Swipe with Plantronics professional audio devices (2014-08-14). In both videos it's possible that calls began (or were answered) on a smartphone.

    In more recent Circuit by Unify – Moving calls (2014-12-15) the call was initiated from a desktop client, Circuit. Not from a handset.

    Apple Mac + iOS Continuity

    In MacRumors Forums, more than nine hundred posts about continuity in the past six months. Not all will be about Mac + iOS Continuity but it's reasonable to assume that this type of continuity is a popular subject.

    When I last checked, it's not possible to begin (or answer) a call on an iPhone then transfer to OS X Yosemite.

    (Just an observation. I don't expect the feature set of a person-oriented OS to match the feature set of an enterprise-oriented platform.)
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    Making phones calls from a computer is not a new idea. It's been about for years. OS X Tiger was able to do it to various supported handsets as well as send texts (before the feature was removed in Leopard).

    The Nokia PC Suite is a piece of software that has been about for years designed to manage your Nokia phone from your computer, including making calls and sending texts.

    And finally, there is Skype, which is able to make phone calls and send texts for many years now. A phone isn't even needed.
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    Clarification and additional information

    Thanks – for making phone calls with a Mac without continuity, there's a more specific topic, with a poll:

    My opening post could have been clearer (sorry; I didn't want to make it too long).

    Emphasis on some key phrases –
    • call swipe
    • moving calls
    • Apple Continuity
    • begin (or answer) a call on an iPhone then transfer to OS X
    – this topic is more about continuity; moving or transferring a conversation without interruption.

    For example, uninterrupted continuation of:
    • a voice call that begins (or is answered) on a notebook or desktop computer, on an Android handset or iPhone
    • a voice call that begins (or is answered) on an Android handset or iPhone, on a notebook or desktop computer
    … and so on.

    Apple 'Mac + iOS Continuity' began with OS X Yosemite and iOS 8. Its capabilities fit with category (A) but not with (B).


    From what I can tell, so far, OpenScape and Circuit are a very good fit with both (A) and (B) – not completely without constraints, but very good. So I'll appreciate discuss with anyone who has used those Unify solutions …

    … or other solutions that fit both (A) and (B). I assume that most such solutions will be business/enterprise-oriented.

    I'm also interested in consumer-oriented solutions/approaches, some of which might be discussed under Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices, but this topic does not belong there.

    (Side note: many vBulletin search results for 'continuity' do not include that word, and Google is not an ideal workaround. Hopefully search results can be better with the migration to XenForo.)

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