Multiple iPhone 4s problems.

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Soulflower, Jan 27, 2012.

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    Jul 17, 2011
    I got my first iPhone ever, the 4s, in November. It had a problem completing calls. The person on the other end could hear me, but I couldn't hear the phone ring or them talking. Apple swapped it out.

    The second one was great for a while. Then the battery showed I had a charge of 48% left and it shut off. When I tried to turn it on, it wouldn't come on. I tried holding the power button and the home button and it showed that the battery needed charging. I plugged it in just long enough for it to boot up and it immediately said it was at 48%.

    After thinking about it, I also remember it being fully charged and staying at 100% for half a day. I was using it too so I wondered why the battery wasn't dropping.

    I called Apple and they are sent a new one. I've had it about a week. I was hoping that third time was charm.

    Sadly my third iPhone shut off today at 30% and displayed the 'red battery charge' symbol. I plugged it in and it was at 30% when it booted which was almost immediately. I let it charge until about 55% and took it off because I've been out of the house today. When the phone got back down to 33%, it shut off again.

    I called AppleCare and they say it is unlikely that two phones would have the same issue so they recommend that I reset the phone as a new phone and not restore it from a backup. I spent so much time setting up all my screens and folders. Has anyone here had this same problem and had any success with resetting?
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    May 16, 2011
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    wow, talk about a string of bad luck!

    I have never had an issue (hardware wise) with my Apple products

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