iPhone Music app not showing all albums available on iCloud

Discussion in 'iOS 9' started by macuser1232, Jan 25, 2016.

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    Right now I have my iPhone 4S with no music downloaded, but I have it so iCloud sharing is turned on so I can access all of my music when I have an internet connection. For one artist, I have 62 albums on my computer's iTunes. On my iPhone it is only showing 57 of those albums. How do I get it to recognize the other albums?

    Thank you

    EDIT: SOLVED. Just had some incompatible albums.
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    Make sure that the albums which aren’t syncing’s songs have been uploaded to the library. This is indicated by the cloud icon next to each track in iTunes. If it is dotted like a cookie cutter they have yet to be added to the cloud. If they are not, use the File> Library> Update iCloud Music Library command to force the cloud catalog to update and load the songs.
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    Ah this is helpful, but not the case. When looking at iTunes on my laptop, I did have quite a few dotted songs that needed to be added. This is likely from my earlier issue of deleting songs from trying to automatically download to my iPhone.

    There seems to be a bigger problem though. There are several albums that are not eligible for the iCloud Music Library. That would make sense.

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