Music app: Possible to have list view? Play entire artist?

Discussion in 'iOS 10' started by Melrose, Sep 24, 2016.

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    On the overhyped recommendation of a friend who fancies himself a techie, I foolishly went ahead and upgraded to iOS10 - and it's honestly a big, big letdown.

    I won't get into the debacle of unlocking, control center, volume control, shift/shuffle, and the paraplegic, Armani-wearing sasquatch that is Photos (with apologies to sasquatch) it possible to have list view in Music again? Or, tap to play the entire artist?* Is it just me, or does this layout not work at all on phone-sized screens?

    Thanks guys!

    ...on an unrelated note, if anyone has a brand-new unopened pristine 64gb silver iPhone 6s they want to sell, I've given up looking for the 7 simply on merits of iOS10. :(

    * it used to be where you just tapped the artist icon, rather than tap > albums, tap > album, tap > song..... there's no way in hell I'm creating or editing a new playlist every time I just want to listen to every album by one artist.
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    Search for the artist, but then scroll down much further until you see "Artists". Then tap the artist name. That should bring you to Top Songs. Click See All.

    Is this the screen you're looking for?
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    So if I want to see a list view of the artist I have to type a new search every time? Thank you for the reply,, it's just I was hoping for something a bit simpler. :)

    ...but that is seriously a flaw in the app design. And oh yes, no lyrics, no ratings - I can't be the only one who used my ratings to sort my music.

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