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Discussion in 'Mac Help/Tips' started by CmdrLaForge, Apr 16, 2003.

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    I am currently a PC user, but I think about switching to a Mac. I currently use my PC for a lot of stuff, and one is for music mixing. I like to describe what I'm doing with my PC. What I would like to know how I can do that with a Mac and which software is available at an affordable price.

    Ok. First I'm a guitar player and songwriter.

    I have a Digitech GNX3 workstation to record my songs on a smart media card. With the GNX3 you can record up to 8 tracks of guitars and/or voice and/or drums.

    After recording I transfer the tracks to my PC. Therefore I use a smart media card reader.

    The tracks are stored in the .wav format.

    I have a mixing software called Musik Maker 2003. With that I can arrange up to 64 tracks and mix the tracks to a stereo .wav file which I then can burn on a music CD.

    I don't need 64 tracks. Up to 16 tracks are enough.

    So I hope you can help me and tell me which software is available for Macs to mix .wav files together.

    Another thing that would be nice is to have a software synthizier to create some kind of background music.

    So my questions are

    Does anyone know a software to do mixing (not to expensive) ?

    Does anyone know a software working as a synthesizer (not to expensive) ?

    And the last question is if a iBook 800Mhz is fast enough to do that or do I need a Powerbook ?

    Thanks in advance for your help

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    Micro Logic (slimmed down version of Logic Audio and Logic Platinum) supports all of the Emagic soft synths (the best you have ever heard, I gotta tell ya!). Logic PlatinumVerb just won an award for best DAW reverb. All the plugins rock.

    Should meet your mixing needs.

    My 800 MHZ iBook does a great job with Logic. I would recommend waiting for an update, however, as revised iBooks can't be far away.

    Good luck! PM me with any questions.


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