Music Mixing


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Jun 18, 2001
WestCost, USA

Give Propellerhead Reason a try... its a very cool app. All my music geek friends are crazy about it. They say its far better han cubase. Im not into that sort of thing.... they are.


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May 9, 2001
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You are asking for Music Mixing Hardware.

For that you need a console! a Makie 1202VLZ, depending of what you need. Do you play keyboards, guitars...?

Now, if you want a good mix try the Finalizer XP or Pro. That is a masterizing tool box.

If you want software I use mostly Digital Performer, just because the midi part is good and the audio is getting better avery time. I use an Audio Media 3 for that,

You can use protools with a digi001. But everything depends what you are doing. Do you know how to sequence someting?

For any other question go to


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Sep 5, 2001
I second that

Propellerhead's Reason program is awesome. It acts as a digital "rack setup" where you can have a ton of effects samplers, amps, etc. It also has a built in drum machine (as most pro audio programs do) and support for midi devices (again, like most progs do). The learning curve is sorta steep, but if you have ever used "real" rack equipment it's simple and very nice.

It also has a cool feature that when you press the TAB key you can see the back of the "virtual rack" and move and rearrange patch cords to suit your needs.

Also, I have a friend that has made some cd's, of himself playing, with cubase and they sound very clean, and professional.

In addition to Pro Tools, there is also a program called Logic that I've heard is decent.

Hope this helps