Music section of music tab for my iphone in itunes missing

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    So I sync'd up my iphone 4 with new instance of new itunes on a new macbook pro. Since doing so, I have no way of syncing music to the phone. the music section in the music tab is actually missing.

    I have iTunes match on, so on my phone, I have my library available via cloud, but not actually on the phone. See screen shot attached.

    This is the process I followed to move the phone over to the new laptop. Everything is great, except I can't get music on it!

    1. Disable auto sync when an iPod/iPhone is connected under Preferences>Devices in itunes(under the edit menu if using Windows).
    2. Make sure you have one contact & one event in the supported applications(Address Book, iCal) on your computer. These entries can be fake, doesn't matter, the important point is that these programs not be empty.
    3. Connect her phone, iTunes running, do not sync at this point.
    4. Store>Authorize this computer.
    5. File>Transfer Purchases(To make sure all purchased content on her phone will be in her itunes library).
    6. Right click in the device pane & select reset warnings.
    7. Right click again and select backup.
    8. Right click again & select restore from backup, select the backup you just made. When prompted to create another backup, decline.
    9. This MUST be followed by a sync to restore her itunes content, which you select from the various tabs, You'll get a popup regarding her contacts & calendars asking to merge or replace, select merge.

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    You have to download them from the cloud on the phone, in the music app. Once match is on, you can no longer add the music from iTunes on your computer, unless you turn match off.
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