Music Streaming Revenues Now Surpass $1 Billion In the US (up 59% from last year)

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    The $1 billion figure is not as impressive as the growth rate figure. Which is 59% growth from 2011.


    2011 streaming revenue: $651.2 million USD
    2012 streaming revenue: $1032.8 million USD

    This is an increase of 59%.

    Summary of the 4 Big Revenue Drivers right now:

    Streaming: $1,032.8 million USD (up 59%)
    Singles Download: $1,623.6 million USD (up 6.7%)
    Album Download: $1,204.8 million USD (up 12.5%)
    Physical CD Album: $2,532 million USD (down 18.3%)

    There is a reason why Apple, Google and Amazon are now negotiating with the major labels for an on-demand subscription service like Spotify/Rhapsody. When these 3 giants market their streaming service, it will only take off even more.

    p.s. music streaming is mostly done through either iphone and Android nowadays. So I hope that it is appropriate to post this in the iphone forum
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    Spotify paying subscribers:

    January, 2010:------------ 250,000 paying subscribers
    March 17, 2010:----------- 320,000
    July 20, 2010: ---------------- 500,000
    December 8, 2010: ------ 750,000
    March 8, 2011:--------------- 1,000,000
    July 14, 2011: -----------------1,600,000
    Sept 21, 2011: ---------------- 2,000,000
    Nov 23, 2011: ------------------2,500,000
    Jan 26, 2012: -------------------3,000,000
    July 31, 2012:--------------------4,000,000
    Dec 6, 2012: ---------------------5,000,000
    March 12, 2013:------------------6,000,000 paying subscribers

    It's very possible that Spotify could generate over $1 billion in revenue in 2013. Need Apple, Google and Amazon to get into the game and compete.
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    Apr 3, 2012
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    Apr 3, 2012
    Google has joined in the game with a long ass name

    Google Play Music All Access

    $9.99 per month

    $7.99 per month if you signed up before June 30th

    At the current rate of growth, Streaming Revenue in the USA will be greater than Single Digital Download Revenue in the USA in about 8 months.

    At the current 59% growth rate, Streaming Revenue for 2013 in the usa will be at $1,642 million.
    At the current -3% growth rate, Singles Download Revenue for 2013 in the USA will be at $1,575 million.

    The rise of smartphone is ideal for music streaming. Its growth has been phenomenal.

    Streaming Revenue 2011 (USA): $649.6 million USD
    Streaming Revenue 2012 (USA): $1,032.8 million USD (up 59%)
    Streaming Revenue 2013 (USA): ???
    Streaming Revenue 2014 (USA): ???

    Streaming Revenue in the USA is poised to cross the $2 billion a year mark in 12-15 months time. Maybe even sooner since Google just launched its streaming service and with Amazon and Apple waiting in the wings.
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    Spotify is one of many startups powered by amazon web services.
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    I won't be using All Access because Spotify has one thing it doesn't. Offline Mode. Offline Mode allows me to download as many songs as I want into my PC, phone, and tablet. So even if I don't have Internet, I can still listen to my music. For my phone, it really cuts back on how much data I use. And if whatever Apple and Amazon come up with doesn't have Offline Mode, I won't be using their services either.
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    So where are all of those people who were saying streaming is pointless when you can just buy whatever songs you want and load them on your device? Obviously Apple is very aware of these numbers and thus wants to tap into it themselves. They would be foolish not to. Now we just need something like this for videos (think Netflix, with MUCH more content).
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    Biggest Source of Revenue for Merlin's Independent Label Members


    Youtube is the #5 biggest source of revenue worldwide.

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