MusicMatch CEO: 'If AAC gets any kind of traction, we'll s...

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Oct 20, 2003.

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    Very cool, Its aready doing great now! thias is great news for apple who pioneered its use :)
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    May 13, 2003
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    May 2, 2002
    AAC already has massive traction

    AAC has, by my estimate 88% of the market at the moment. Here's some rough math, since we have no official breakdown:

    Mac purchases have leveled off around 600,000 per week, according to Apple--or 300,000 in half a week (3.5 days). That means this week, to achieve over a million downloads in 3.5 days, Windows users likely downloaded around 700,000 songs.

    Now for market share... if apple had 70% of the market before iMS Win, with 300,000 in half a week, then the whole market must have been about 430,000 every 3.5 days. The 30% that was Windows purchases would have been around 130,000. That's all of iTunes' competitors combined.

    So if Apple has now sold 700,000 to Windows users in the same time that competitors have sold 130,000, then the Windows market is now 830,000 per half week. And Apple instantly seized 85% of the Windows market, selling almost 6 songs to Windows users for every one sold by all competitors put together.

    The total Mac & PC download market--iTunes at 1 million per half week plus all the rest at 130,000--would now be 1.13 million songs per half week. Or about two-and-a-quarter million songs per week. Apple currently has 88% of that market. Microsoft WMA has 12%. Apple outsells all other music stores combined--by more than 7 to 1. And all of those downloads are playable (easily at least) on only one MP3 player--the #1 MP3 player, as it happens. Apple's in a very good position here. It's almost as though quality sometimes succeeds over monoply...

    Just rough numbers--but a VERY good start I'd say! And that's without the same level of pent-up demand and captive audience that Apple had with Mac users. That means the initial numbers Windows wouldn't be as big a surge--so what we are seeing now will actually be more sustainable than the Mac numbers, which dropped from 1 million weekly to 600,000 after the first rush.
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    Don't all DVD-Video and DVD-Audio discs already use AAC?

    I'd say that's a lot of traction that they don't realise is there.

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