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    If you need a professional audio/midi/softsyth/fx music program and you are on a budget, just buy the latest copy of Computer Music magazine, CD included.


    Price £5.50 (UK). About $12 at Barnes and Noble book store.

    Muzys 2.4 : Technical Specifications
    Available on Windows (Win9x, WinMe, WinNT, Win2K, WinXP) and MacOS (system 8.6 or higher)

    Advanced pattern- and song- composition and performance capabilities
    Up to 128 tracks per Composition
    Realtime song programming, Live performance recording
    Advanced sequencing and looping capabilities
    Detailed and professional sequence editors (Key Editor, Grafix Editor, List Editor)
    More than 30 sequence functions like Quantize, Transpose, Change Note Length, Key Shaker, ...
    Very intuitive & powerful Groove system
    Tempi from 40.000 to 500.000 BPM, 960 PPQN
    Sample Accurate Timing

    Unique integration of audio and MIDI
    Supports ASIO, MME & DirectSound on Windows, and ASIO & Sound Manager on MacOS
    Supports sample formats from 11025 Hz, 16 Bit to 96000 Hz, 64 Bit floating point
    Optimized sampler with 1024 polyphones, with Linear and Cubic Hermite interpolation
    Superb and fully automatable Audio Mixing Desk supporting Pre/Post * Insert/Send Effects
    16 integrated and optimized Muzys Plugin Effects (Delay, Reverb, EQ, Filters, Distortion, ...)
    Supports VST Plugin Effects
    Supports VST Instruments
    Easy Plugin Manager
    Integrated Wave Labo
    Integrated Wave Manager
    Advanced multiport MIDI Player support
    Advanced MIDI Program Change support
    Integrated and fully automatable MIDI Mixing Desk with up to 32 customable faders
    Easy MIDI Controller assignments
    Keyboard Mapper allows triggering of sequence from a MIDI keyboard !
    FastKeys : User definable key-shortcuts for almost every function

    Loads AIFF, WAVE and MP3 audiofiles, with easy previewing !
    Imports MIDI Files
    MIDI Clock Transmission
    MTC Transmission
    Supports ReWire on Windows (audio only)

    Years of practical studio experience incorporated
    100% skinnable
    Platform independent

    Free Demo:
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    ive used the windows version of that program, and i think i can safely assume htat the mac os 9 (no X version mind you) is exactly the same. and lemme tell you, it bloooooows:( using a piano roll is the worst way of making music, it feels more like work than play

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