MWNY Disapointment 2.0


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Jul 18, 2001
I posted one of these last year and Im doing it again.
First I must say this those who think M$ is the way out, good luck entering your license code every month and otherwise burn in hell u traitors. K now I'll try to be calm.
For all those just ticked off at apple try to remeber that the .mac thing is only SJ's second mistake (the first is his allowing Sculley to fire him). And try to remember that thigs used to be much worse before SJ came back. Yes u had frequent hw updates but most were either **** or had as much inovation as M$. So think of this as what SJ could do w/ his current economic perdicament. I for one expect the .mac system to majorly be improved and a permanent price drop to be in order around mwsf '03. So stop poopooing Apple for one mistake. And any others who dislike what they saw a MWNY to come forwards because other then .mac MWNY was a very very nice show. And anyone who posts here should of known that no powermacs would be released until at least augast twelveth when the promo ends. So until then stop ur crazy outlandish remarks and stick w/ the best and if u don't good luck w/ ur security :D


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Mar 20, 2002
.mac wasn't the only disappointment

$129 for OS 10.2 find no problem, but $129 to upgrade from 10.1 that's a problem. Yes I understand that Apple needs to bring in new users and generate more revenue but fleecing it's current loyal customer base is just bad business. I don't think I'll be rushing out to upgrade at this price and as far as .mac goes, itools was cool and I enjoyed using it but .mac sorry no sale.


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Feb 24, 2001
I wasn't dissapointed. I expected 10.2, new iPods and maybe .mac from the expo. I got all that plus a "17 iMac and several new iApps.


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May 9, 2002
Well I'm upset.

As both an Apple investor and professional user of thier product for the last 15 years I think I have right to be.

When I first bought macs instead of PC's they were more expensive because you got all sorts of killer hardware to go with the OS. We had processors that were faster than thier Intel countrparts. We had an OS that was a true GUI while Microsoft was still pushing DOS on the rest of the world. We had internal SCSI buses, sound cards, good video cards, fast hard drives, and the option to buy most stuff months if not years in advance of wintel users.

Compare that to now!

We have similar motherboard designs except ours are much slower than the wintel world. We have lost the speed race. We are more expensive still with slower hardware. The gap that exists between Windows XP and OSX is minute compared to the gap that used to exist. So you can't put that much value on the OS. Heck Apple doesn't why should you?

I used to sit and tell people how Apple's were good value if you added up all the extras you got in comparison to a similarily equipped PC. I used to have a leg to stand on with that argument. Now I burn the big files to a CDR so I can take them home to work on them with my wintel box because the mac is too slow and too expensive in comparison. Heck as far as a consumer box goes the imac is great but it's not what I need. If Apple doesn't pull a rabbit (or a G5) out of thier hat real bloody soon I'm spending my money elsewhere.

Oh, about the SJ hasn't made many mistakes. One word... Cube!

He's made many more too. How about firing the entire education sales division just before the education buying season and handing the education sales title to Dell. That was a smooth one wasn't it? Thier still playing catchup for that one.

Why don't they take some of that 4.3 billion dollars in cash and spend it to prop up thier sagging stock price. Or are they not comfortable investing in themselves right now? Stock price is the real low right now. Some would say it's a bargain, but it keeps going down. Schiller took his money elsewhere didn't he? Heck just with a 5.56 billion dollar market cap they could almost take the company private with the cash they have on hand.

Go ahead and argue your point all you want, but back it up with something besides hype, smoke, and mirrors. If all your going to do is sit and say macs are better then pull your head out of your ass and look at the big picture. Yes I'll agree they're better. Twice as good? No way! Twice the price, Yup! Good value, no way. It used to be when you got all the superior hardware that was left off the wintel boxes, but not anymore. My last PC came with built in SCSI. I had to buy a SCSI card for my last mac. We have come full circle.



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May 6, 2002
Brooklyn, NYC

Coitus...I'm with you on this 100% and as of this afternoon I've officially "switched" to Windows after 16 years on the Mac. My TiBook is on eBay with all my Mac software and I ordered 2 POWERFUL customized PCs for a total of around $2700. I've had enough. To much money for too little product. I have no use with these iApps. I'm a power user and Apple hasn't been able to give me what I need for a long time. I know alot of other studios who are considering jumping ship as well. I'm a long time Logic user as well so I guess I'll be going with Cubase or Sonar. At this point it's worth it to spend the time learning a new OS and software just to know I haven't overpaid for outdated crap. Apple's marketing, pricing, and hardware releases are an insult to anyone with a brain. The only people who will buy any of the new products are Mac "fanatics" who will buy anything they are given as long as it has an Apple on it. Apple is either intentionally scamming people or about to go under. I think both are a possibility.