MWSF2003 report and pBook thoughts

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by Royal Pineapple, Jan 7, 2003.

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    well i wasnt at the keynote and i havent seen all of it so this will just be some personal thoughts about this expo (showroom floors) highliting some key things i saw and liked. my first stop was the badge purchising counter i payed my $15 with coupon to get in the door, secondly we had to go get our badges printed, so after 10 min and a few spelling errors we were ready to step onto the showroom floor my first stop was the north hall, which housed all the independant people (no large coperations) i got to see the latest in iPod stands and accesserys and entered to win a gold plated ipod stand from DVForge . not much happining in the North hall i decided to go see the south hall, Wow was it big. it was an Über Geek's wet dream. everyware you looked there were cool things to play with. first thing i notised was a huge banner for the new pBooks with the slogans "Less is More" and "More is More" and let me tell you More is definetly what it was. at the apple "area" (cant call it a booth because it really isnt) there were about 10 of each kind of pBook. i stood in line to try a 17" and after about 3 min. my turn comes around, so i belly up to the keyboard and start to play when all of a sudden it looses Airport Extreeme (tm) connection and freezes so i recomend to the apple guy that he give it a 3 finger salute (ctrl+cmnd+power) and he says "ok go ahead" so i reach over and reboot his prototype pBook and all is well. jaguire rebooted much more quickly on this computer than on mine although this could be due to prossesser power (i have an ibook 500) and after it was done i started to play. Safari ran beautifully on this macheine quick and speady through 802.11g.
    i was talking to the apple employe about the rumor sites and he said "none of the rumor sites knew anything about these, i checked them yesterday" so i enthusiasticlly booted up the mcrumors page which loaded in about .00001 seconds or something and i scrolled down and showed him "big and little pBooks" dated 8:30 last night. he responded with "Wow thoes guys are good" congats arn on the great last minute work.

    the rest of the expo was greati had an overall great time and got to see the WOZ for a little, i didnt watch the show i just peeked in for a few minutes.

    nice work all, and happy rumoring
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    lol, I love how u proved the apple employee wrong. We know
    what site he will be checking before next expo ;).

    Should this be in general mac discussion?

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