My 4s is Locked Up, is it Bricked?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Eager Beaver, Nov 6, 2011.

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    Sep 28, 2011
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    Was working on a light switch that needed replacement, and thought I would take a pic of it to bring to the hardware store.

    Double clicked the home button, pressed the camera button on the lower right, and took the pic. About a minute later I wanted to take another pic, so I simply pressed the top rt on/off button assuming that the camera app was still loaded, the the phone would not turn on?

    I then "held down" the top rt on/off button looking for the red slide to turn the phone off, (and reboot it), but no dice? nothing.

    If I look real close, (like hold the screen up to my eye, or go into a dark bathroom), I can faintly see the icon in the middle that spins round and round when the phone reboots, except it's not spinning, and only half of it shows.

    I know that my battery was just at 93%, so it couldn't possibly be dead, (I am one of the guys without the batt problem btw), but I docked it to my Sony system anyways to see what was up .......... nothing happened, didn't recognize it, phone screen did not change either, didn't show the big green batt icon as normal.

    Hmmm, wth is wrong with this thing?

    Let me go plug into itunes and at least sync it so I don't lose my recent stuff, (and maybe she'll spring to life)?

    Nope, nothing ....................... my windows xp immediately recognized the phone cam, (as usual), but the phone was not listed when I fired up itunes.
    After some fiddling around, I realized that itunes was not responding while the 4s was plugged in. Unplug 4s, itunes responds, (I can click on things, play music, whatever), but as soon as I plug the 4s back in, itunes is frozen.

    I started this thread to see if you guys had any ideas to try, before I go to the att store, have them lose all my recent stuff, scratch their heads, then hand me a new phone, if they have one, (and lose my wrapsol as well) ugg :(

    I'll try any ideas you guys might have -
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    Jul 14, 2011
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    My 4S crashed when I took a photo last week as well. A hard reset could help, just hold down the Home button and the Sleep (top right) button until the phone turns off, then the Apple logo comes back.

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